Goose Eggs


Half Dozen Goose Eggs
Pickup only from Genzer Farms roadside stand.

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Half Dozen Goose Eggs

Much larger than a typical chicken egg, about three times as big. The shell will take a surprising amount of effort to crack, and once opened, you’ll notice a very large yolk, more golden and very firm. The taste is a little different from a chicken egg, richer, mild and more “eggy”.

Geese only lay about 30–50 eggs, and they do it seasonally, late winter and into the spring.

Good fried or poached. If boiled, they need to be cooked longer, about 10–15 minutes to hard-boil a goose egg. Excellent in pasta, and they make rich, moist, dense baked goods. Substitute a goose egg for 2-3 chicken eggs.

Pickup only from Genzer Farms roadside stand.


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