Welcome to the Genzer Farms roadside market stand!

Located at 309 CR 109 in Wharton (Burr) TX, not far off of FM 1301 between Boling and Wharton. This self-serve stand works on the honor system. Pick your items and drop your payment into the cash box. Venmo (@genzerfarms) and Cash App ($genzerfarms) are also accepted! If you prefer to pay with credit card, use the shopping cart below. Add your items to the cart and use the payment form at the bottom of the page.

The stand is open daily, barring holidays and bad weather. Eggs are stocked daily. Honey and other seasonal produce is stocked when available. Canned items are generally always in stock (we do our best to keep everything stocked) Feel free to reach out to ask if your item is in stock before coming out. Or take a look at the market camera below to see what’s on the shelf right now! Eggs are in the cooler, obviously can’t be shown – but they are always stocked!

What’s on the shelf, right now?

Updated about every 5 minutes. Click to enlarge.

Questions, problems or suggestions? Please contact us here or text 979-282-5311. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you and enjoy your day!

Shop in person, pay online.

Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart, and pay with credit card. These items are for pickup only at the Roadside Stand. We currently do not offer shipping. Do not purchase items ahead of time, as inventory is not tracked and your item may not be available. Prices shown may differ from other markets, mainly due to less overhead (cheaper to buy direct from the farm!)

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