Since the late 1990’s, Bill Genzer has been raising chickens to provide fresh eggs for family and friends. Over the years he’s gained the knowledge and experience it takes to successfully manage his flock and grow it into what it is today. Now, with over 300 chickens this hobby has become an enjoyable and growing business.

Our farm exclusively raises chickens for egg production. We focus on the long term health and safety of our flock, which we believe, in turn, produces a healthier and better tasting egg.

We humanely raise and care for our chickens, by hand, from the time they’re delivered to us just days old, in a secure, low stress environment.

Eggs from our farm come from chickens that are pasture raised. This means that our chickens have free access to the outdoors all day, from early morning until night. Having full access to the outdoors, and plenty of area to roam around, this allows them to have a diet that is primarily comprised of plants and bugs they find while grazing. This is what gives our eggs a darker, tastier yolk.

We believe the level of care we provide our flock is reflected in the quality and taste of our eggs. When you see and taste our eggs, we think you’ll agree! Find our eggs at these locations!