Owner, operator, chicken man. Bill takes care of the day-to-day operations, feeding, picking, sorting and selling. Manages the flock, raises chicks, designs, builds and maintains the coops, equipment and the property. Bill is usually the one attending the farmer’s market.
The one behind all the canned goods you’ll find on the shelf at our roadside market stand. She spends the time finding the right recipe and brings them to life in our salsa, candied jalapeƱos, jams and pickles.
Our resident artist and photographer. Most of the photographs you find on our site and our social media sites were taken by Liz.
Our livestock guardian dog (LGD), half Anatolian Shepherd and half Great Pyrenees. He keeps our chickens safe from predators, and takes his job very seriously! He’s a good boy.
Helps around the farm, maintaining the property, helps with the heavy lifting, and hauling feed. You’ll occasionally find Matt manning the booth at the farmer’s market. He’s our best salesman!
The Girls
Let’s not forget about the real stars of the show. Check out a few of the girls that lay the beautiful eggs we sell.