Buff Cochin – We have a few of these friendly hens on our farm. They are good layers of medium sized light brown eggs, but really, they’d rather be sitting on eggs, than laying them.
Red Star – This sex-link breed is an excellent large brown egg layer. They do well free ranging, and have a mild demeanor. This is the most abundant breed on our farm.
Buff Orpington – A good layer of large, light brown eggs. A calm breed that does fairly well free ranging.
Barred Rock – Also known as Plymouth Rock, this is a gentle breed that’s also an excellent layer of brown to light brown eggs.
Ameraucana – This is one of our favorite breeds. They come in several colors, and so do their eggs! These are our most abundant tinted egg layers. Laying varying shades of green and blue eggs. They’re a little wild, which makes them excellent free rangers, but they still get along with everyone else in the flock.
Black Minorca – This is one of our favorite white egg layers. Excellent free ranger, lays large white eggs. These girls mostly keep to themselves.
Silver Laced Wyandotte – This docile breed lays large tan and brown colored eggs.
Light Brahma – A large breed that lays large brown eggs. Good free rangers.
We have a handful of other breeds like the Golden Laced Wyandotte, White Crested Black Polish, DelewareDark Cornish, White Leghorn, Welsummer, and a few others. We just don’t have photos for them. Have you ever tried taking a good pic of a chicken?
The Bees – Let’s not forget about the bees! These girls work hard to produce the best tasting honey from the seasonal wildflowers that bloom on our property and surrounding areas. Read more about our honey here.